Rotary Club of Kelowna Awards

The Harold Henderson Award

is presented annually to a person who has been a member of the club for at least 10 years and who has show significant long-term dedication to the Object of Rotary:
The Harold Henderson Award is the most prestigious award in the club. It shall be presented at the major social event of the year for the club.
Dr. Harold Henderson joined the club in 1950. The Pleasantvale Homes project was initiated during his year as President (1955-56). Harold served Rotary with distinction as District Governor of District 5060 (1967-1968), RI Director (1976-78), RI Third Vice President, (1977-78), Rotary Foundation Trustee (1979-1982), and four times on the Nominating Committee for RI President.
Presented at Christmas Party 
2000    Ernie Winter
2001    Charles Bruce
2002    Frank McNair
2003    Ken Harding
2004    Ian Greenwood
2005    Mac Leitch
2006    Howie Morgan
2007    Franklin Williams
2008    Dick Dumond
2009    Bill Redmond
2010    Rev. Albert Baldeo
2011    Murli Pendharkar
2012    Doug Gossoo
2013    Kathy Butler
2014    Tony French
2015    Catherine Comben
2016    Vern Nielsen
2017    Gord Savage
2018    John Walker
2019    Dennis Gerace
2020   Peter Schultz
2021    Sheldon Paulger
2022   Robin Smith
2023    Bruce Henderson

The Hass Houssian Memorial Service Award

is presented annually to a member of the club to recognize outstanding service, commitment and dedication to Rotary.
This award is an opportunity to recognize a club member for outstanding Service Above Self, the Rotary motto. The award focusses on volunteering and helping others.
Hass Houssian was a member of the club from 1983 to 1999. Hass was affectionately known as “the hardest working Rotarian”. He was an outstanding volunteer who was always available when needed, always willing to help, a kind and gentle man. Hass was widely respected in the club and in the community.
Presented last week of March
1999    Bruce Wilson
2000    Joe Leask
2001    Stafford McKergow
2002    Gord Milsom
2003    Tony French
2004    Gord Lugrin
2005    Clarice Maltby
2006    Doug Gossoo
2007    Sheldon Paulger
2008    Bruce Telford
2009    Al Strachan
2010    Gary Bennett
2011    Derek Bottomley
2012    Dennis Gerace
2013    Robin Smith
2014    John McIntyre
2015    Karyn Schueler
2016    Michael Dorsel
2017    Peter Schultz
2018    Roger Powley
2019    Dennis Campbell
2020    Robin Smith
2021    Lenetta Parry
2022    Bruce Telford
2023    Catherine Comben   

The Ray Corner Award

is presented annually to a member of the club who has been the most outstanding new member.
New members are learning about Rotary. This award is an opportunity to recognize a recent new member who has demonstrated commitment, dedication, and active participation in the work of the club during the past year (or two).
Ray Corner was President of the club in 1943-44 and went on to be District Governor of District 5060 in 1959-60.
Presented last week of May
1979    Don Manning
1980    Charles Bruce
1981    Roger Fisher
1982    Bob Clayton
1983    Pat Walls
1984    John Slauenwhite
1985    Jeff Harte
1986    Ron Westlake
1987    Dennis Gerace
1988    Evans Premachuk
1989    Richard Howard
1990    Randy Quigley
1991    Garth Willison
1992    Dave Fletcher
1993    Diana Groffen
1994    Bill Milsom
1995    Doug Gossoo
1996    Howie Morgan
1997    Murli Pendharkar
1998    Ian Greenwood
1999    Kat Maurman
2000    Bruce Telford
2001    Dale McKenzie
2002    Dale Koepke
2003    Lynette Swanson
2004    Gerald Klatt
2005    Reg Henry
2006    Rhonda Lindsay
2007    Karen Alexander
2008    A’Lana Rains
2009    Mike Wilding
2010    Peter Schultz
2011    Ernie Patterson
2012    Harold Heyming
2013     Carmen Sparg
2014     Karyn Schueler
2015     Stuart Dickson
2016     Gordy Charles
2017     Randy McBride
2018     Chris Patton
2019     Sandy Ketler
2021     Shawna McCrea
2023     Justin Wyllie

The Albert Baldeo Caring Rotarian Award

is presented to a current active member of the club who exemplifies a caring attitude toward club members and within the community.
Rev. Albert Baldeo joined the club in 1981 and was a member for 30 years. Albert was awarded Lifetime Honourary Membership in the club to recognize his outstanding caring attitude to all. Albert was known and loved throughout the community for his caring attitude, his great good humor and his poetry that was perceptive, caring and thoughtful of others.
Presented last week of April
2005    Rev. Albert Baldeo
2011    Bill Redmond
2012    Rev. Rick Potter
2013    Dennis Campbell
2014    Colin Elliott
2015    John Hannah
2016    Karyn Schueler
2017    Stuart Dickson
2018    Sarah Campbell
2019    Gordie Charles
2021    Randy McBride
2022    Sheldon Paulger
2023    Bruce Wilson  

The President’s Awards

provide an opportunity for the President to recognize outstanding efforts during the year by a member of the club, a Small Committee, and a Large Committee.
The focus of these awards is on the Avenues of Service in Rotary;
  • Club Service
  • Vocational Service
  • Community Service
  • International Service
  • Youth Service
President’s Award for Small Committee has been presented to:
Presented 3rd week of June
2007    SPUR committee
2008    The Rotary Foundation committee.
2009    Programs committee
2010    “Phantom Dinner” committee
2011    Wellness committee
2012    Pleasantvale Homes committee
2013    Youth Exchange committee
2014    Fellowship committee
2015    Fellowship committee
2016    Program committee
2017    Membership committee
2018    Donations committee
2019   Small donations committee
2021   Small donations committee
2022    Membership committee
2023    Social Image committee
President’s Award for Large Committee has been presented to:
Presented 3rd week of June
2004    Interact committee
2005    The Rotary Foundation committee
2006    Pro-Am Golf committee
2007    Pro-Am Golf committee
2008    Pro-Am Golf committee
2009    Pleasantvale Homes Future Vision committee
2010    “Peaks for Polio” committee
2011    Pleasantvale Homes committee
2012    Snowbird Air Show committee
2013    Sherriff committee
2014    Pro-Am Golf committee
2015    Pro-Am Golf committee
2016    Major Project Selection committee
2017    International committee
2018    Rotary Club of Kelowna Foundation
2021   Fundraising committee
2022    Pro Am committee

Ian Greenwood Memorial Award

is presented annually to a current active member of the club who demonstrates outstanding self-initiative for the benefit of the club, particularly in the area of Club Service.
This award is an opportunity to recognize a member for taking initiative without being asked to help create a more effective or more enjoyable club to belong to.
Ian Greenwood joined the club in 1958 and was a member for 52 years. He was awarded a Lifetime Honourary Membership for his outstanding service to Rotary and in the community. In particular, Ian organized the speakers program for the weekly meetings for many years. Ian was known in the community as a “real gentleman”.
Presented last week of February 
2010    Tom Craig
2011    John Hannah
2012    Mike Wilding
2013    Gordon Savage
2014    Bruce Telford
2015    Jaime Briggs
2016    James Kay
2017    Dennis Gerace
2018    Kevin Greenwood
2019    John Walker
2020    Carol Eamer
2021    Julie Mulligan 
2022    Gordy Charles
2023    Dick Dumond

The Vocational Service Award

is presented annually to a member of the club in recognition of outstanding achievement in his/her vocation and demonstrating the ideals of Rotary in the workplace.
Rotarians have the dual responsibility of representing their vocation within the club, and exemplifying the ideals of Rotary in all their business and professional dealings. Two tools developed by Rotarians, the Four Way Test and the Rotary Code of Conduct, provide a map for practicing ethical behavior in the workplace and other areas of life.
Presented last week of January 
1991    Cliff Charles, 
             Whillis Harding Insurance
1992    Rick Howard, 
             Intra Travel
1993    Dennis Gerace, 
             Dycks Pharmacies
1994    Bill Redmond, 
             H.R.I. Supplies
1995    Albert Baldeo, 
             United Church
1996    Doug Gossoo, 
1999    Steven Tuck, 
            Forever Young/Todays' Seniors Magazines
2000    Kathy Butler, 
            Kelowna General Hospital Foundation
2001    Jim Juba, 
             Canada Post
2002    Randy Quigley, 
             Quigley Financial
2003    Brock Aynsley, 
             CIBC Wood Gundy
2004    Alison Yesilcimen, 
             Daily Courier
2005    Les Burrows, 
             Salvation Army
2006    Don Folk, 
             Don Folk Chevrolet
2007    Gwen Zilm, 
             UBC Okanagan
2008    Gord Savage, 
             CTQ Consultants
2009    George Solomonides, 
             Allegra Printing & Imaging
2011    Ron Jacobsen, 
             Jacobsen Excellence
2012    Ken Laloge, 
             McKay LLP
2013    Reg Henry, 
            Kelly O’Bryan’s Neighborhood Restaurants
2014    Rev. Rick Potter, 
             Rutland United Church
2015    Anne Marie Kirby, 
             CoreHealth Technologies
2016    Raghwa Gopal, 
             Accelerate Okanagan
2017    Dick Dumond
             Rotary Club of Kelowna
2018    Guy Auger
            Masterworks Coaching Group
2020   Julie Mulligan, 
            Yoga Instructor
2021   Dave Cullen, 
            CTQ Consultants
2022   Shawna McCrea, 
            Balance Financial
2023   Andrey Konyushok
            Research & Development Contractor

The Friends of Rotary Awards

are optionally presented annually to non-Rotarians who demonstrate the ideals of Rotary through service to their community or elsewhere in the world.
The presentation will consist of:
  1. A Paul Harris Fellowship award.
  2. A small award plaque or trophy at the committee’s discretion.
Robert Hobson
Terry Lee
Kelsey Serwa

District Awards

Each year the District Governor presents a number of awards at the District Conference to recognize club achievements and projects during the year.
  • Rotary Foundation District Service Award
2005    Tony French
2006    Murli Pendharkar
2006    Jeff Harte (Kelowna Sunrise)
2006    Derek Bottomley
2010    Frank Williams
2010    Kathy Butler
2011    Frank Williams
2011    Kathy Butler
2013    Tony French
2016    Peter Schultz
  • Annual District Award for Club Nominated Rotarian
            2016    “Unsung Hero Award”           Sheldon Paulger
  • District Governor’s Award for Distinguished Service
2016    Peter Schultz
  • P.R.I.P Edward Cadman “You Are the Key” Award
2017    Tony French

Rotary International Awards

Many R.I. awards are initiated by individual Club Presidents.  
Club members who have won RI awards are:
  • Service Above Self Award
    2002    Murli Pendharkar
    2011    Colin Pritchard (Kelowna Okanagan Mission)

  • Distinguished Service Award
    2003    Dr. Harold Henderson
  • Citation for Meritorious Service
    2003    Dr. Harold Henderson
    2009    Derek Bottomley
    2010    Jeff Harte (Kelowna Sunrise)

  • Avenues of Service Citation
2000    Bill Redmond
2000    Tony French (RC Colwood, District 5020)
2009    Murli Pendharkar
2011    Doug Gossoo
2013    Vern Nielsen